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Summer's Must-Try Treat: Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

There’s nothing more refreshing than a fro-yo treat on a hot summer’s day, and this new must-try graham cracker sandwich is no exception!


On a hot summer’s day there’s nothing more satisfying than a cool, no-bake treat. These frozen yogurt graham cracker sandwiches hit the spot, and (bonus!) they’re guilt-free, too. With simple ingredients and a few hours in the freezer, they’re so easy and delicious you’ll be making them all season long.

What you’ll need:

  • One 8 oz. container Cool Whip™
  • Two 8 oz. containers Yoplait Strawberry or Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry
  • 20 graham crackers, broken into halves
  • 2 c strawberries
  • Cling wrap
  • 9x13 pan
  • Medium bowl
  • Spatula

How to:

  1. First, line your 9x13 pan with two layers of cling wrap. Place halved graham crackers on the lining, fitting as many as possible within the pan (we had luck fitting about ten halves).
  2. Next, in a medium bowl, combine yogurt and Cool Whip™ into one mixture. Fold in the chopped strawberries. 
  3. Using a spoon, add one large dollop of the strawberry mixture onto each graham cracker half. Divide among crackers until mixture is gone.
  4. Place other graham cracker half on top of yogurt mixture to make a sandwich. Cover pan with plastic wrap. Place entire pan in freezer and leave for 4 hours. Enjoy!

If you have other fresh berries around and want to use those, go ahead! Just make sure the berries are chopped, whole blueberries and raspberries are too large to be sandwiched.