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Strawberry Yogurt Granola Pops

By Jessica Walker
Beat the summer heat with these cool yogurt pops, perfect for breakfast on the go!


The kids are home for the summer and the heat is on! How about a change from the normal cereal and milk breakfast routine? How about popsicles? Popsicles can beat the heat on a warm summer morning, fill up your kids’ tummies and make them smile because they can help! I used a Zoku Quick Pop Maker and the popsicles were ready in a flash! You can customize the flavors and fruit to meet your family’s tastes. 

I used some organic vanilla yogurt, Cascadian Farms granola and fresh strawberries. You will also need a little bit of milk.

When cooking or making recipes with kids, I always make sure I have the ingredients ready before I get them started. I also have in mind different tasks they can do together and separately. I started by having them add the sliced strawberries to the pop maker. You want to press 3 to 4 slices on the inside of the maker (on each side), so I had them use a pair of kid’s chopsticks. It worked well!


Next, it was time to mix up the yogurt mixture. I had one of my helpers spoon the yogurt out of the container and the other mix the yogurt with a bit of milk. You want the mixture to be a consistency that it is easy to pour into the maker.


Next, it is time to pour. You only want to pour the molds about halfway full at this point. Then freeze for about 2-3 minutes.  Next, sprinkle granola on top of that layer. Of course it is OK to sneak some to snack on!


Then it is time to pour the top layer. Pour the yogurt mixture to the fill line on the maker.


After about 7-10 minutes, follow the directions on the maker to remove the pops and yum! Cool, fruity, tasty and fun!


A fun summer breakfast, made by your cute helpers and ready in a flash! Enjoy!