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Sangria Slushies

By Stephanie Wise
Cool off and wind down with a refreshingly easy recipe for fruity sangria slushies.

Sangria Slushies

To me, nothing screams summer like a cool glass of fruity sangria. But you know what’s even better? A sangria slushie. It’s a fun, unique and even more refreshing way to serve the classic warm-weather drink.

First, round up your ingredients. I love to use fresh fruit juice for this recipe, but feel free to use the equivalent of bottled orange juice and lemon juice for convenience. As for the wine, I’ve found that drier reds like tempranillo, rioja and malbec work best for sangria, but any wine of your choice will do—even your favorite whites.


Squeeze the juice from a few lemons and oranges (or the equivalent in bottled form) through a strainer into a shallow casserole dish. Add the sugar and stir vigorously until the sugar is completely dissolved. Then pour in the wine and water, stirring again to combine.


Place the dish, uncovered, in the freezer for at least eight hours, preferably overnight. The next day, remove the dish from the freezer and, using fork tines, scrape the surface of the wine mixture to create a slush-y consistency.


Scoop the slush into serving glasses, then garnish with more chopped fresh fruit for a pretty presentation. Then sit back and get to sippin’!