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Pink Hot Cocoa On a Stick

By Heather Baird
Created January 10, 2017
This treat is pretty in pink, and will keep your Valentine warm and toasty!

Hot chocolate on a stick is one of the most gift-able treats around. It’s my go-to goodie for stocking stuffers at Christmastime, but it’s a nice gift at any time of year! I like to package them individually in cellophane bags tied with pretty ribbon, and I always include a tag with hand-written instructions: Dissolve in 8 ounces of hot milk. 

The semi-sweet chocolate version I typically make can be endlessly varied, and that had me dreaming up all kinds of possibilities with white chocolate. This strawberry white-chocolate version is rich and warming, and turns a beautiful shade of pink when melted in hot milk. It’s a sweet gift that’s Valentine’s-appropriate, especially when dipped in red and pink confetti sprinkles. Plus, this recipe has only three ingredients (four if you count the sprinkles), so making a big batch is a quick and easy endeavor. 

To get started you’ll need a silicone mold. The cavities should be about 1.5 ounces each. If you don’t have a silicone mold you can use small disposable paper cups. You’ll also need disposable spoons. I like to use wooden spoons that are biodegradable, but plastic spoons or even plastic straws could be used. Gather together the recipe ingredients: 12 ounces white chocolate chips, 2/3 cup powdered strawberry milk mix and the melting wafers.


Place white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Heat chips in the microwave at 30 second intervals; stir well between each heating. When chips can be stirred smooth, add the powdered strawberry drink mix.


Blend using a hand mixer on low speed, mixing until just incorporated. Mixture will be thick and grainy.


Spoon the mixture into the cavities of a silicone mold (about 2 1/2 tablespoons each) or into small, disposable paper cups. Press the mixture down into the cavities or cups with the back of a spoon.


Place disposable spoons upright into the mixture.


Refrigerate until set, about an hour-and-a-half.


Heat the white chocolate melting wafers in the microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring well between heating. When the wafers are melted and smooth, dip the set cocoa into the white chocolate.


Quickly dip in sprinkles and place on parchment paper to dry, about 15 minutes.


To enjoy, dissolve one strawberry hot cocoa on a stick in 8 ounces hot milk. Cheers!