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Camping, Glamping and Roughing It: Menus For the Great Outdoors

Created January 10, 2017
Camping Glamping Roughing It
Before heading out on an adventure you’ve got to have a plan. And a menu! We have three different ideas based on style. Are you a traditional camper, a fancy glamper or a seasoned pro? Choose your adventure, and your grub to match!

What's In This Article


Forget modern comforts and fancy camping equipment. When you’re roughing it all you need is what’s in your backpack. Which is why it’s important to pack smart––especially food. Think trail mix, granola bars and wraps. Oh, and plan on catching your dinner fresh from the river, stream or lake.

Breakfast: PB and Banana Campfire Canapé
Lunch: Skinny Black Bean-Avocado Wraps
Dinner: Grilled Fish Steaks
Snack: Seattle Grunge Chex Mix®
S'more: Chocolate Granola Thin S'mores


Camping Glamping Roughing It

This is camping in traditional fashion, so you know the drill––hot dogs for lunch, grill packs for dinner and s’mores made ‘round the campfire. Except this time we’re adding extra punches of flavor in the spirit of adventure. Blue cheese and apricots and double-stack s’mores, oh my!

Breakfast: Cranberry-Apple Gran-Oatmeal
Lunch: Blue Cheese Deviled Dogs
Dinner: Grilled Parmesan-Ranch-Chicken Packs
Snack: Apricot-Almond Energy Bars
S'more: Double-Stack S'more


Think regular camping but with a glamorous twist at every turn––like indoor plumbing, and an oven inside an RV, sweet, RV. The glamper’s credo is to live life to the fanciest. So we’re serving up a boozy bananas foster breakfast and lobster rolls for lunch. How’s that for fancy camping?

Breakfast: Bananas Foster Pancakes
Lunch: Lobster Rolls
Dinner: Spicy Grilled Thai Pizza
Snack: Tasty Trail-Mix Treats
S'more: S’mores-Tini