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Pear Cobbler Dump Cake

Updated November 1, 2023

On the hook for a Thanksgiving dessert and need something simple yet satisfying? Or maybe you want a sweet but low-stress addition to your menu so you can focus on the main dish. No matter how you’re showing up to the holiday meal this year, you’ll find success with Britney’s Pear Cobbler Dump Cake.

It has all the requirements of a cozy, late-fall treat: sweet and juicy seasonal fruit, autumnal spices and a crumbly, cake-like topping. Best of all, it’s as delicious as it is simple. Rest assured, this is not an “I’ll just have one small bite” kind of dessert!

Britney based her irresistible treat on Betty’s classic 5-Ingredient Apple Dump Cake, swapping the apples for pears. Britney also uses Betty Crocker™ Delights Super Moist™ Spice Cake Mix vs. Super Moist™ Yellow Cake Mix and a brown sugar-nutmeg-cardamom mix vs. granulated sugar. The results are amazing—it’s like autumn in a bowl!


When the pears bake in the oven, they make a delicious sauce underneath the crumble topping that can’t be described as anything other than heaven on a spoon. The soft and juicy pears literally melt in your mouth with every bite.

As Britney says, this dessert is best served with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream for extra decadence. Either way, this recipe is an easy fit for your holiday schedule and a sure bet for your dinner crowd. If you give it a whirl, let us know how it goes in the comments, or ask us a question below! For more seasonal inspiration, check out what our other Makers are baking up this month!

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