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34 Delectable Desserts Made with Yellow Cake Mix

Created January 10, 2017
Open up a box of yellow cake mix and you’re on the verge of baking a bad day better or whipping up a showstopping cake (which no one will believe started with a box). Explore Betty’s best recipes using yellow cake mix and get inspired to bake up something truly special!

There’s nothing lovelier than a cake, except when it doesn’t turn out. With these tips from the Betty Crocker Test Kitchens, you can be sure your yellow cake will bake up perfectly every time.

Tips for Baking a Perfect Cake

  • When baking yellow cake use shiny pans, which reflect heat. Dark pans and pans with nonstick coating absorb heat faster than shiny pans and can cause cakes to brown too quickly.
  • Fill cake pans half full of batter. This is important for a novelty or shaped pan, such as a heart or star, which can be an odd size.
  • Always bake your cakes on the center rack.
  • If you’re turning your cake mix into cupcakes, learn all the tricks you need in this article about how to bake cupcakes.

Tips for a Top Decorating Job

  • The first rule of frosting a cake is to wait until your cake has cooled completely. If you frost your cake while it’s still hot, the frosting will melt and make a mess. It’s also wise to brush off loose crumbs before frosting.
  • For a professional frosting job, consider adding a crumb coat, or thin layer of frosting to seal in crumbs. Allow that coat to set, by placing in the fridge. Once this layer has set, add a decadent final layer using up your remaining frosting.
  • There’s no need to be intimidated by layer cakes. You can pull it off with Betty’s guidance. Just check out How to Frost a Layer Cake.
  • When you’re feeding a crowd, sheet-cakes are great and certainly don’t have to be boring. Learn how to quickly and beautifully dress up your sheet-cake.