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Totally 80's Party

Can you throw a great '80s party? Like, for sure! Just tap your inner Debbie Gibson and rely on this fun menu of totally '80s party foods, drinks and décor that will bring your guests right back to that most tubular of decades. (Don't forget the wine coolers!)
Totally 80's Party

Classic '80s Foods

Some really rad foods were born (or at least became trendy) in the '80s. Impress your guests by making them the stars of your menu.

The Drink of the Decade

Can you say wine cooler? This fizzy blend of wine, fruit juice and soda water was huge back in the day. Mix up a batch of DIY Wine Coolers and your partygoers will love the delicious updates made to their bottled '80s favorite.

Fun idea: Save up wine cooler-esque bottles, remove the labels and wash them in the top rack of your dishwasher. The night of your party, serve your homemade wine coolers in the prepared bottles (you'll need a funnel). Better yet, let your guests decorate their bottle with neon paint markers before you pour!

Gnarly Neon & Other '80s Décor Ideas

Naturally you'll ask that your guests attend your party decked out in '80s attire, and chances are neon tops, headbands, and shoulder pads will be in full force.

Complement your guests' attire by decorating with fabulous fluorescents. Festoon tables in fluorescent fabrics, create glow-stick bouquets and label party foods with fluorescent cardstock signs. Keep the '80s theme going with cassettes, neon friendship bracelets, and jawbreakers scattered on serving tables. Then complete the look with posters of '80s rock stars on the walls. It's 80s to the max!