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Modern Picnic Ideas

Created April 21, 2021
With the weather getting nicer each day, picnic season is almost here! If you’re looking to elevate your picnic game with a fun, photogenic and “like-worthy” twist, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re outlining the 5 tips for a modern picnic.


While you’re planning your picnic, what’s the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve? Maybe it’s a romantic date for two, for a group of pals or fun for the whole family. Start with your base and find a tablecloth or piece of fabric you plan to use. We love using bright-colored and spill-proof tablecloths.

Next, consider your tablescape and dishware. From pillows to sit on to small floral arrangements, think of how you can personalize your picnic to your tastes. Since you’ll likely be outside, consider packing reusable plastic dishes, cups and cutlery.

Curate Your Menu

Now the menu! Try and select modern picnic foods that you can make ahead of time and travel well. For some inspiration, check out these picnic-perfect Betty recipes. If you’re going with a crowd, keep it easy and ask everyone to bring a dish. For those 21 and older, consider making a signature cocktail and a mocktail for the kids.

Pack a small bag with all the necessities ahead of time—such as a bottle opener, serving utensils and anything needed to clean up after the picnic.

Bring the Fun

Consider the vibe and ambiance you and your guests want. A custom playlist is always a fun way to get the day started; just pack a wireless speaker. For a more low-key option, cards or an easily portable board game is always a good bet.

Consider the Weather

A few days before the picnic, make sure to check the weather to ensure it’s outdoor-friendly. If the weather isn’t up to your standards, get creative! A covered porch in a pinch can do the trick. For modern picnics, there are no rules.

Post-Picnic Cleanup

Make sure to clean up after yourself and leave the picnic space as beautiful as you found it.

Comment below with your favorite recipes to make for a modern picnic!