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How to Create the Perfect Tablescape

Created March 12, 2021
Tablescape copy
Take your next holiday or event and elevate it with the perfect tablescape! Now let’s dive into what a tablescape is. In short, it’s your table’s decoration and typically is made up of centerpieces and place settings working together to amplify your dining experience.

Here are 4 tips to follow when planning your tablescape:

Find Your Inspiration.

When creating your tablescape design, consider the occasion you’re celebrating. A daytime brunch may have a different look and feel than that of a milestone birthday dinner. Think through the colors, textures and prints you’ll want to pull into the table scheme.

Decide on Materials to Use.

Using your table inspiration, make a list of the materials you’ll need, from potential centerpieces to place settings. Don’t forget to take inventory of what you already have and get creative! Maybe it’s using flowers, branches or greenery from outside your home, or repurposing vases or candles you have for a centerpiece. Consider working in textures such as branches, a woven table runner or even placemats.

Create a Plan

Now that you have your materials, consider how you want your table to look. Take into account the rule of threes. This design technique has found that an odd number of items is more visually appealing than even numbers. For example, this could be using three different types of flowers or three types of candle heights.

If you have time a few days before your event, plan a trial run of your tablescape to make sure everything flows.

Personalize Your Tablescape.

Consider adding a personal touch to your table such as handwritten name cards, flowers or herbs on a napkin to really bring your tablescape ideas to the next level.

Most importantly, get creative and have fun with your decor!