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The Ultimate Soup Swap

Healthier than a cookie swap, more delicious than a jewelry party, and less reading-intensive than book club—what's not to love about a soup swap? It's a simple concept: Whip up a batch of your favorite meal in a bowl, freeze it in smaller portions, meet up with friends and trade! You'll not only leave with an arsenal of meals, but you'll get to catch up with friends on the latest gossip (and maybe have a glass of wine or two!). And isn't swapping stories just as much fun as swapping soup?

bowl of soup with side of sliced avocado

Soup Swap 101

If you've done a cookie exchange, think of this as the same thing, only with frozen homemade soups.

  • Paper invites are fun, but in this case, keeping it digital is not only easier but will make sharing recipes a cinch. If your group is Facebook-friendly, you can create an event or group page and ask guests to post recipes there.
  • Keep your guest list to six to eight people, this will ensure that everyone leaves with a robust selection (but not with so much that they run out of freezer space).
  • Ask each participant to prepare and freeze a batch of soup for everyone, plus an extra batch to share during the swap.
  • Encourage variety by picking a theme. For example, a "globe-trotter" motif could inspire soups from various regions of the world. Assign guests different regions (like Central America, Europe, Asia or North America) and ask them to create a soup inspired by that region. That way, you won't end up with four versions of beer cheese soup.
  • Freeze soups in microwavable plastic storage bowls or freezer bags.
  • Label and date soups clearly. No one likes to find a mystery bag buried in the freezer.


  • Elevate soups from good to great with fancy (but inexpensive) ingredients: avocado, cilantro, Italian parsley, toasted pumpkin seeds or pine nuts, plain Greek yogurt, limes, lemons, olives, basil (sliced into elegant chiffonade strips!), tortilla strips, croutons, popcorn. Your options are endless!
  • Assemble a light salad to pair with the soups and a selection of carb-laden goodies for dipping.