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How to Set Up a Mimosa Bar

By Stephanie Wise
Have your next brunch or shower stand out with these easy ideas for a fruity cocktail bar.
Fruity Mimosa Bar

When it comes to favorite meals, brunch is at the top of my list. And for me, no brunch is complete without a classic morning cocktail–the mimosa. But who says mimosas always have to be made with OJ and champagne? I’ve found that mixing other fruit juices with bubbly can be just as refreshing and delicious.

This mimosa bar is a tastier take on ordinary punches usually served at brunches and showers. And it’s super easy and versatile to set up. All you need are a few different fruit juices, a couple bottles of champagne or prosecco and slices of fresh fruit for garnishing. Here are 3 simple steps to having a mimosa bar ready in less than 10 minutes.

1. Pour juices into clear bottles. I like to offer peach, orange and kiwi-strawberry juices. But you can go crazy with your favorite juices (or fruit purees for a bellini bar). Look for inexpensive capped bottles from the craft store or use clean wine bottles. Garnish with fruit for decoration and to indicate their flavors. Or if desired, make labels.


2. Pop the bubbly. Open up chilled bottles of champagne and prosecco and set them next to the fruit juices. If you’ve got a couple ice buckets, fill them with ice and place the bottles inside to keep them cool all morning.


3. Bring on the guests! Invite your guests to pour themselves equal parts champagne and fruit juice. Offer fruit slices for garnishes, if desired.


That’s all it takes to make a pretty–and pretty easy–breakfast cocktail bar at home. Cheers!