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Classic Baby Shower Brunch

Created January 10, 2017
Is there a lovelier social occasion than a baby shower brunch? There’s something so time-honored about gathering with friends, feasting on egg bakes and fruit salads, and celebrating the upcoming arrival of a little one into the lives of people you love. While there are plenty of new spins on baby showers, this menu pays proud homage to the classic baby shower with a few of Betty’s most delicious and beloved brunch recipes.
Classic Baby Shower

Bountiful Brunch Buffet

Maybe a big reason for the popularity of baby shower brunches is that they’re relatively easy on the host. Most items can be prepared ahead, giving you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the party right along with your guests. This menu serves up bountiful brunch basics: two satisfying egg bakes (it’s always smart to have a vegetarian version), a fresh take on fresh fruit, mouth-watering caramel rolls, and a zesty salad.

Adorable Ideas

  • Invitations really set the tone. For a classic brunch, nothing beats paper invitations. Visit Etsy and search for “baby shower invitations” to yield lots of customizable options. Many Etsy retailers will send you a digital file for around $15 that you can then upload to print the invitations wherever you like!
  • Nothing says “brunch” like fresh flowers. Pick up whatever blossoms looks the prettiest at your local farmers market or floral shop, and scatter informal bouquets (white ceramic pitchers make charming vases) throughout your home.
  • Wrap white cloth napkins with polka-dot ribbon, and put a diaper pin through each knot.
  • Have each guest fill out a “Wishes for Baby” form that you can easily make with your computer’s word processing software. The fill-in-the-blank form can include things like, “I hope you become ,” and “I hope you love .” Have guests read their wishes out loud or simply gather up the forms and give them to the expectant parents.