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Top Ten Tools for Turkey Day

Created January 10, 2017
Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, we’ve gathered the top 10 kitchen gadgets you won’t want to go without on turkey day.

You’ve planned the menu, the guest list and gathered all your groceries—now it’s time to get your gear! Before you step into the kitchen, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials you’ll need to pull off a top-notch turkey day spread. 

Potato Masher

A must-have for any day of the year, a potato masher becomes particularly useful on a day when humble spuds become one of your table’s most important dishes. This one gets our vote because it flips up for easy storage—saving you drawer space and making it easy to find, use and tuck away until next time.  

Carving Set

When it comes to carving a turkey just any old knife won’t do. You need a high-quality carving set and Calphalon has you covered with this efficient, premium-grade pair. 

Roasting Pan

This large roasting pan comes with a nonstick rack for easy cleanup, plus two sturdy handles to give you a firm grip when lifting your turkey in and out of the oven. 

Cotton Butchers’ String

Butchers’ string may not have been on your radar now, but you’ll need it to properly truss the turkey—which helps it keep its shape in the oven.

Turkey Carving Board

Every kitchen needs a carving board, and this elegant wood version is large enough to hold the main attraction once it’s been roasted to perfection! 

Ceramic Pie Pan

We’re big on pie around here, so it’s no surprise we like to serve it in style. This pretty pan takes your pumpkin pie from the oven to the table in one chic dish.

Grommet Oven Mitts

When you’re cooking up a storm don’t forget to save your hands from the heat! We like these festive oven mitts that conveniently come in sets of two.

Meat Dial Thermometer

Where would we be without our meat thermometer? It keeps track of the turkey’s progress so you don’t have to; just check that this trusty gadget reads a solid 165 degrees Fahrenheit before taking the bird out of the oven.

Pastry Server

A stainless steel pastry server makes presenting and portioning your pie both easy and elegant.

Basting Brush

A basting brush is your not-so-secret weapon for juicy, succulent meat and crisp skin.