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The Perfect Thanksgiving Dish, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Created May 14, 2024
Thanksgiving dishes for your zodiac sign

Sure, the turkey typically plays the leading role at the Thanksgiving table. But there’s always plenty of room in the spotlight for all the side dishes and desserts. (Some might even argue that they’re the real stars of the show.) But no matter how much love we have for all the classic T-Day flavors, very few of us have room in our appetites or our schedules to eat or make them all. So, which one do you load your plate up with first or decide to bring to the potluck?

Worry no longer, friends! We’ve got you covered. And it’s as easy as reading your horoscope. We’ve rounded up the perfect Betty Thanksgiving recipe for every zodiac sign. Whether you’re an Aries or a Pisces—or any sign in between—you can be confident you’ll find the most delicious and festive dish, tailored just for you … and have plenty of fun along the way.



Sure, everyone thinks they have the best pumpkin pie around—let them! You know the real truth. The combination of your fiery, bold and competitive nature and Betty’s tried and true Pumpkin Pie recipe are a one-two Thanksgiving punch that can’t be beat. 



Grounded, indulgent and loyal, you don't mess around on food holidays—you know it’s best to stick to what you know. That’s why Betty’s classic, rich, nostalgic Green Bean Casserole is your go-to Thanksgiving recipe.

Don’t be surprised when your fans start requesting it every year! 



What's more versatile than a dinner roll? Nothing. Except maybe you, Gemini! Also like you, Betty’s Homemade Pan Rolls are the perfect complement to everything at the Thanksgiving table—they easily mix and mingle with other flavors but have what it takes to stand alone. 



With your passionate, nurturing and sensitive nature, caring for people in your life is your love language. What better dish for a Cancer to bring to Thanksgiving dinner than Betty’s comforting Bread Stuffing? With herby and pillowy soft bread, veggies and butter, it will win and warm the hearts of everyone at the table.



While others shy away from being the center of the dinner table conversation, you say bring it on! That’s why your confident, proud and showy nature is the perfect match for the Thanksgiving turkey. Brined Whole Turkey recipe is bound to bring all the “oohs” and “ahhs” you crave.



No one knows how to organize quite like you, Virgo. In fact, you probably have your whole Thanksgiving menu planned out already! But in case you don’t, Betty’s practical, reliable and delicious Homemade Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes recipe is just the thing you need to keep your oven and your schedule dilemma-free.



Libra, your charming and diplomatic nature is invaluable at the family table. And no one knows better than you that a hangry attitude can ruin a cheerful vibe. That’s why Betty’s Classic Deviled Eggs appetizer is for you! Keep bellies happy before the big meal and everyone will be thankful.



You know the secret to a great Thanksgiving meal is the gravy. But would anyone expect you to be the one to make it? Use your mysterious nature to your advantage and be the MVP of Turkey day with Betty’s Foolproof Turkey Gravy. (Tip: Add a dash of your signature intensity to the recipe with seasoning and spices.) No one will suspect it but everyone will love it.



With lots of mix-in opportunities, heaps of creamy, cheesy goodness and the power to immediately satisfy hungry dinner guests, Betty’s Family-Favorite Macaroni and Cheese is the perfect fit for your adventurous and generous yet impatient Sagittarius-ness. Together, you’ll encourage everyone to dig right in.  



Disciplined, responsible and hardworking, you’re not looking for anything flashy, just a home-cooked recipe that gives your guests what they want. And that’s Betty’s Cornbread recipe. With its humble simplicity and melt-in-your-mouth flavor, it shows up, does its job and leaves no crumbs behind. 



True, pecan pie doesn't grace everyone’s Thanksgiving table. But that’s why you love it! Unconventional and creative yet incredibly simple and quick to make, Betty’s Decadent Pecan Pie will stand out on its own and give your guests a taste of the unexpected. And that's something to truly be thankful for. 



Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving staple. And with your emotional and sensitive qualities, we’d hate to see what happens if someone forgets to bring it to the table. But don’t worry! Betty’s got you covered with her Simple Cranberry Sauce recipe. It’s classic tart and tangy flavor won’t let anybody down.