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Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies That Don’t Leave Anyone Out

Updated December 6, 2019
Because everyone deserves to have a sweet holiday!
Being gluten-free can put a real damper on the holidays—especially when you’re suddenly surrounded by piles of tempting but gluten-filled cookies. But there’s really no reason that people on gluten-free diets should miss out on the fun. There are lots of ways to make favorite cookies gluten free, and plenty of new, gluten-conscious recipes are emerging with each new holiday season. We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes that sacrifice gluten but nothing else: the cookies are every bit as tasty as they should, by all rights, be. Gluten-free eaters rejoice: This is the beginning of your best cookie tray ever!
Now that you’ve got your gluten-free goodies all picked out, explore the rest of Betty’s best Christmas cookie recipes.