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Easy on the Budget Easter Dinner

Holiday expenses can really add up—especially when hosting. Between Easter baskets, decorations and the meal itself, a budget-friendly Easter dinner is always welcome. Explore this collection of inexpensive Easter dinner ideas for delicious and effortless menu inspiration that’s just what you need for a memorable gathering.

How To Make It Special

Adding some festive flair to your Easter celebrations doesn’t need to break the bank. Bring your place settings and holiday décor to life with simple details using items you already have.

Here are some affordable ways to elevate your Easter decorations:

  • Try decorating with a couple of ceramic rabbits or birds with a small houseplant placed on a table runner.
  • Dress up the dinner table with a centerpiece made of creamy Deviled Eggs. Nestle them in colorful cabbage or kale leaves on a pretty platter and garnish them with herb sprig, radish or red onion slice. 
  • You can even create an arrangement of blooming garden annuals or herb plants in various colors in a basket filled with pastel tissue paper. 


What better way to get the festivities started than with some ahh-mazing appetizers? Take your pick from simple-yet-impressive Easter starters like Cranberry Topped Brie, Raspberry-Lemon Fruit Dip and Homemade Pan Rolls.

Side Dishes

These spring-inspired sides bring big flavor to your Easter dinner on a budget. They’re fresh, creative and the portion size is easy to modify for gatherings of all types.


You can’t go wrong with a sweet ham on Easter, but this collection of simple main dishes also features some wonderful recipes that are a delicious Easter tradition waiting to happen.


Cap off your Easter dinner on a budget with a sweet treat that’s perfect for spring. These decadent desserts are fun, easy and something the whole family can help out with.