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Bewitching Kids Halloween Party

Created January 10, 2017
Recipes with ghostly festivities for kids of any age, here's a thrilling party for a Halloween get-together or birthday celebration. No matter "witch" reason you choose, the little critters will be "goblin" up the fun!
Witches' Brooms

Bewitching Decorations 

  • Replace any light bulbs in the party room with red, orange or black bulbs to give the room an eerie glow. 
  • Make the Spooky Halloween Tree for a centerpiece. Let the tree 'leaves' double as take-home treats. 

Monster Blob Activity 

Make Balloon Blobs one week before the party, but save the decorating and stretching into silly shapes for the kids as a party activity. (Note: If children will be using permanent markers for drawing on the balloons, you may want to gather up some old large shirts they can wear over their party clothes when drawing on the balloons.) 

To make the balloons, you'll need ordinary inexpensive balloons, all-purpose flour and markers. To make the blobs: 

  • Blow up a balloon and keep it inflated for at least 1 minute. Do not tie a knot in the end. After 1 minute, let all the air out. 
  • Fit a funnel into the open end of the balloon. Carefully spoon flour into the funnel, tapping and shaking the funnel to get the flour into the balloon. Put as much flour in the balloon as you can. 
  • Remove the funnel. Tie a knot in the end of the balloon. 
  • Wash and dry the balloon blob. Repeat to make as many blobs as needed. The blobs are ready for decorating with markers. 

At the party: 

Set up a table with markers, and let the kids decorate their own balloon monsters. Kids can push, pull and stretch the blobs into different monstrous shapes. 

Buckets of Fun 

Purchase inexpensive plastic buckets for each child at the party. Decorate them with paint pens (available at craft stores) or Halloween stickers. For a fun party game, hide stickers and/or small wrapped candies around the room and have the kids take their buckets on a 'haunted treasure hunt.' The buckets also serve as party favors for the kids to take home and then use for trick-or-treating.