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Snackspiration: On-The-Go

Find our top eight picks for fast, delicious and perfectly portable snacks to keep you fueled all day long.
snackspiration: on the go

Beef Jerky: An instant hit of protein to keep you going and going—no fork or knife required. 

Clementines: Easy to peel and perfectly portable, these sweet treats easily fit into gym bags, backpacks and brief cases. 

Almonds: A handful (about 23) of these nutrient-rich nuts will keep you feeling full and satisfied in between meals.

String Cheese: The best thing about these—aside from how fun they are to eat—is that they’re individually packaged for an exact calorie count and stopping point at snack time.

Food Should Taste Good Chips: All Food Should Taste Good tortilla chip varieties are gluten free, have zero grams trans-fat and are certified Kosher. Enjoy them alone or pair with a dip! 

Cheerios: With whole grain oats as its first ingredient, Cheerios is a smart and simple snack to have at the ready—especially for little fingers on long car rides.

Fruit-Flavored Snacks: We like Mott’s Fruit-Flavored Snacks because they’re made with real fruit and vegetable juice and provide a whopping 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C. 

Raisins: These little gems provide an easy way to work in an extra serving of fruit no matter where your busy take takes you.