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Betty’s Best Slow-Cooker Chicken Dinners

Updated January 9, 2020
Looking to make chicken but short on time? Spend a few minutes prepping and your slow cooker will have a hearty chicken dinner waiting for you when you get home!
One of the best things to make in your slow cooker is chicken thighs. They’re full of flavor and stay moist and tender during the low-and-slow cooking process. Bone-in will add even more flavor to your dishes, but boneless will work just as well. Not only do these recipes use chicken thighs, but they’re practically foolproof (thanks to your slow cooker). A prep step or two is usually required, but after that, your trusty kitchen-gadget will do the rest of the heavy lifting. Approved by hundreds of home cooks and picky eaters alike, these are Betty’s best slow-cooker chicken dishes, plus a few new ones for good measure.
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