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A Kid-Friendly “Breakfast in Bed” Menu

A surprise breakfast in bed is a special treat for Mom or Dad and a fun project for kids. Little hands can do most of the measuring and mixing while a few extra touches will really show their love.

Breakfast in Bed

Set it Up

  • If your guest of honor is typically an early riser (or perhaps used to being woken up early!), give a signal that it’s OK to sleep in or just hang out in bed by bringing in a few magazines and a cup of coffee.
  • Warm up the oven and create the prep station away from the flames and sharp knives. Pull chairs or step stools up to the counter for little helpers. Lay out plenty of measuring cups, bowls, and wooden spoons to keep them busy while you gather the ingredients.

Get Cooking—and Cleaning

  • Call out each ingredient to the kids for the recipe and have them measure, pour, and stir as much as possible while you keep things moving so breakfast doesn’t turn into lunch in bed!
  • While breakfast is baking, pour the juice, Champagne, or coffee, and have the kids start putting the bowls, spoons, and measuring cups into the soapy sink so the guest of honor doesn’t find a mess in the kitchen after being spoiled.
TIP:  At the Betty Crocker Kitchens, we start baking by filling the sink with warm, soapy water. As we finish using a utensil (except for sharp knives), we put it in the water to soak. (Knives are washed separately.) Finishing up is easier when dishes are washed as they're used.

Deliver the Goods

  • Find a nice, clean tray and set it with a napkin and silverware.
  • Add a small vase or cup with a fresh flower either from the garden or a current arrangement around the house.
  • Write a handwritten note or have the kids color a card while breakfast is cooking.
  • When all is ready, add the plates and drinks and make the delivery together.