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Indian Butter Chicken Naan Pizza with Lime & Peanut Slaw

By Jessica Walker
With the help of your slow cooker, this Indian-inspired pizza is mouthwatering and delicious!


I am a huge fan of Indian food. This is a total shock to my family, being that I was one of the world’s pickiest eaters as a child. But the flavors are just…wow. I remember the first time I tried Indian cuisine, and found the flavors literally mind-boggling. “Where have these spices been all my life?” I wondered! But, I was always a little scared to try my hand at making Indian-style cuisine at home. It seemed like a lot of work when my favorite take-out Indian was right down the road from work. But I decided to try it and combine it with my other food crush: pizza. The results? Oh. My. Delicious. 

First things first, do not be intimidated by the ingredient list. I was at first but when I just took one thing at a time, this recipe was really (relatively) easy to make. And using my trusty slow cooker really helped with blending the flavors all together.

After cooking the chicken half-a-day, I scooped some of the deliciousness onto store-bought naan bread (found right in the bakery or freezer section), sprinkled some mozzarella cheese on it and popped it under the broiler on my pizza stone. When the cheese was melted I took it out and covered the top with some quick slaw I threw together (recipe is also included below). The tart and crisp flavor of the slaw paired with the warm and spicy chicken is a mouth-watering combo unlike anything else I have tasted. I couldn’t stop eating it. Seriously. It was a problem.

So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get global in the kitchen. I was afraid for a long time, but this recipe gave me a major boost of confidence. Who knows, maybe I’ll try Thai pizza next?