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Easy Snowman Sandwich Lunchbox

By Corey Valley
Betty blogger Corey Valley puts the freeze on boring lunchboxes with this cute snowman bagel sandwich.

Are your kids dragging their feet back to school after the holiday break? To make heading back to the classroom a little easier, I’m planning some fun lunches for my girls that’ll hopefully make it little bit easier for them, including this super easy snowman sandwich.

First make your favorite sandwich using a bagel instead of bread. Place a carrot in the hole of the bagel, creating the snowman's nose, then add chocolate chips for eyes and a mouth. Add in some fresh veggies, fruit and a Yoplait Go-Gurt yogurt for a well-rounded, fun lunch!

I love how GoGurt tubes can also serve as edible ice packs. Simply throw your box of Go-Gurts in the freezer the night before school, and in the morning, put one in your kiddo's lunchbox. It’ll be thawed to perfection by lunchtime. Score!

Are you making your little one’s lunches extra-special this week? If so, I’d love to hear what fun touches you’re adding!