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Dunkaroos Fans, This One’s For You

By Heather Baird
Rainbow Chip Frosting Dunkaroos
Thanks to Rainbow Chip frosting’s return, you can recreate beloved Dunkaroos!

Children of the 90s, listen up. Thanks to the triumphant return of Rainbow Chip frosting, you can recreate one of the most beloved snacks of your childhood: Dunkaroos! For those who aren’t in the know, Dunkaroos were snack-sized treats that paired dippable graham crackers with rainbow sprinkle frosting. They were a household staple of the 90s but they eventually disappeared from grocery store shelves. There’s no need to mourn the loss any more, though—this easy hack will bring your favorite snack back to life.

All you need is a container of Betty Crocker™ Rich & Creamy rainbow chip frosting and some graham crackers and you’ll be ready to dunk!


Just pour the container of Rainbow Chip frosting into a bowl, place it on a serving platter and arrange graham crackers around the frosting. It’s fun party treat the crowd will go wild for, but you can also scale this down to a lunchbox-friendly size. Simply portion out two tablespoons of frosting and eight graham crackers and pack them in a sectioned storage container.

I like to dunk with standard graham crackers, but you can also pair the frosting with kid-friendly snacks like Teddy Grahams or Animal Crackers.