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18 Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Recipes

Created April 22, 2024

Betty’s chocolate chip cookie mix is a fantastic way to bake up everybody’s favorite cookie in minutes. But did you know it’s also a genius kitchen shortcut to many other sweet cookies and desserts like cakes, pies and bars? It’s true!

With a Betty Crocker cookie mix on hand, you have a springboard to delicious creativity right in your pantry, and we’ve gathered some of our favorite chocolate chip cookie mix recipes to help you get started. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you can celebrate all the joy that baking brings and have more time to spend with the ones you’re baking for. (Don’t forget to save a morsel or two for yourself!)

Lower Sugar Swap
Lower Sugar Swap
To make a lower-sugar version of these recipes, try using Betty Crocker Lower Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. It has 25% less sugar than our regular chocolate chip cookie mix with all the same irresistible flavor you know and love!


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