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3 Ways with Breakfast Biscuits and Greek Yogurt

Grab breakfast on the go—in three different ways—with our morning must-haves: breakfast biscuits and Greek yogurt.

While we’d all love to spend hours over a leisurely breakfast each day, during the week we tend to be in a bit of a hurry. Enter two of our favorite must-haves for busy mornings: Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits and Yoplait Greek Yogurt. While the combinations with these two are almost never-ending, here are three of our favorite ways they help us take breakfast to go.

Berry and Yogurt Bars


We favor the Honey Biscuits to build these bars. Add some Strawberry Greek Yogurt and fresh strawberries to create a balanced breakfast that’s almost too cute to eat.

Fro-yo Biscuit Sandwiches


Who wouldn’t love waking up to a fro-yo sandwich? Spread Vanilla Greek Yogurt between two Blueberry Biscuits and freeze overnight. In the morning, just grab and go.

Yogurt and Biscuit Parfaits


This is one instance where making a mess of your breakfast pays off. Add fresh berries to a cup of Vanilla Greek Yogurt and crumble some Honey Biscuits on top. Enjoy!