3 New Freezer Meal-Starters That’ll Change the Way You Cook

Created January 10, 2017
freezer friendly turkey meatballs
Wish you had more time to make dinner? With these versatile recipes in your repertoire, you’ll have a solid leg-up on 23 out-of-this-world meals. MORE+ LESS-


When it comes to freezer meal-starters, we simply can’t get enough. Why? Because figuring out what to make for dinner every night becomes a lot less stressful when there’s tasty components waiting for you in the freezer. Last year, we shared some delicious ideas for make-ahead shredded chicken, beef and Italian-style meatballs, and today, we’re back with three more make-ahead dinner-starters. Whether you mix and match a couple meal-starters (like we did in these scrumptious pulled pork enchiladas!) or wing it with what else you’ve got in the fridge, these easy recipes will help you eat well and cook creatively, while saving you both time and money.


make-ahead oven roasted pulled pork

Creamy Pulled Pork Pasta with Caramelized Onions, Mushrooms and Arugula: One of the most comforting dishes our test kitchens has ever created, this creamy pork-and-pasta combo is nothing short of heavenly. Sherry vinegar and a sprinkling of peppery arugula add just the right amount of zip, and using pre-prepped pork ensures it’s on the table in 30 minutes flat.

creamy pulled pork pasta with caramelized onions mushrooms and arugula

Make-Ahead Oven-Roasted Pulled Pork: Get a jump on your favorite pork recipes by slow-roasting this succulent pulled pork ahead of time and freezing in two-cup portions.


freezer friendly turkey meatballs

Freezer-Friendly Turkey Meatballs: These tender turkey meatballs can go straight from your freezer to the pan, no thawing required, making 30-minute meals easy and enticing.

stand and stuff turkey meatball shawarma

Stand-and-Stuff Turkey Meatball Shawarma: The perfect blend of lightly spiced meatballs, creamy cucumber-yogurt sauce and fresh fixings, this is the dinner your family will be talking about long after the plates are cleared.


make ahead roasted roma tomato sauce

Make-Ahead Roasted Roma Tomato Sauce: Enjoy rich, summery tomato flavor year-round with a stash of this velvety, versatile roasted Roma tomato sauce in your freezer.

easy caprese soup

Easy Caprese Soup: At first glance, you might dismiss this duo as just another grilled cheese-tomato soup combo, but don’t be fooled! This luscious two-ingredient soup boasts enormous tomato flavors and super easy prep. Mozzarella-topped cheese toasts, sprinkled with fragrant basil, are the perfect dunkers!