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Superhero Birthday Party

By Kayla Knudson
Superhero themed Birthday Party table with themed foods
Calling all superheroes and defenders of planet Earth! This party is action-packed and takes a page out of your favorite comic books.

Superhero Party Foods

Crime fighters know how to work up a hunger—it’s part of the job. So when it comes to feeding them, nothing short of hero sandwiches will do. Throw in some watermelon and cantaloupe fruit pops, veggie roasted potato chips, plus colorful soda to wash it all down, and you’ve got a meal of epic proportions.

Superhero Birthday Party Sandwiches and Snack Cups

The best part of these sandwiches is that that they’re a breeze to make and totally customizable to each superhero’s specifications. For chips, we can’t get enough of these Green Giant Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips in Zesty Cheddar—all the better served in cute little graphic cones.

Superhero Birthday party fruit pops and bottles of pop

Making these fruit power pops is easier than it looks. Start by cutting each fruit into 2-inch slices—we used watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Next, use a biscuit cutter or drinking glass to create circles and a smaller shaped cookie cutter to cut out stars in the middle of each circle. Lastly, pop out the stars and swap with a different circle for fun color combinations. Skewer through both the circle and the star with a wooden candy stick or paper straw and you’re set! 

To make our pop, well, pop, we added fun labels and bold straws. If you’re having trouble finding colored soda in bottles, check your grocer’s international aisles for vibrant-colored Mexican sodas.

Superhero Birthday Cake

Superhero Birthday Cake

Both a crime-fighter and showstopper, this colorful Superhero Cake is made with Betty Crocker cake mix, ready-made frosting, chocolate candies and completed with a Fruit Roll-Up cape. Use our downloadable cake template to make cutting out the pieces a snap.

Superhero Cupcakes

Superhero Cupcakes

Make partygoers feel super special with their very own Superhero Cupcakes. To customize, fill a plastic baggy with frosting, snip the corner and pipe the first initial of each guest.

Superhero Layer Cake

Easy Superhero Layer Cake

This Easy Superhero Layer Cake is hiding a super surprise inside—a colorful tie-dyed center that will have everyone wondering how you did it.

Superhero Birthday Invitations

Super Hero Party Downloads

Get the word out about your party while letting guests in on the theme with these Super Hero invitations. They fit perfectly into A7-sized envelopes and are cute to boot. 

For added pow, we created round comic-inspired signs and used them to label everything from food to favors. Try scaling some larger and smaller when printing to create a variety of sizes.

Superhero Birthday Party placemat with meal

Super Hero Decoration Ideas

11x17 sheets of craft foam make great placemats when cut into talk bubble shapes; plus they’re water resistant, making spills a non-issue! (Regular paper or cardstock works well too.) We created the black outline using a paint pen. If you’re using paper, a permanent marker will do the trick. 

For the background cityscape, we used over-sized sheets of black foam core from an art store, and created the patterns for the buildings at random using a long ruler and pencil. Next, we cut them out with a craft blade and finished by using double stick tape to add windows. Tip: if you can’t find the color of paper you like, try using paint chips.

Superhero Birthday Party lollipops

Superhero Party Favors

Send home each crime fighter with his or her own super sucker. We found these bright and colorful ones at the dollar store, helping keep costs low and spirits high. For extra fun we added labels using double-stick tape. 

No superhero is complete without a cape! Start the day with this activity so they can jet around in their capes as long as their superhero juices last. We went to the craft store and bought colorful felt for the cape (or you can use a blanket or bed sheet). Cutting out lightning bolts, bursts and other fun shapes will really make this cape pow! Your proud superheroes may also want to cut out and attach the first letter of their name. Don’t forget the inexpensive superhero masks you can pick up at a party store. The photos you’ll capture from this party are going to be out of this world!


Betty’s Birthday Party Checklist 

Stay organized and make sure you don’t miss a single detail with Betty’s to-dos and reminders for hosting the best birthday ever!