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Sports Lovers Birthday Party

Some kids are just born loving any activity involving let the games begin! Tailor this sporting life celebration to the birthday kid's passions, be it baseball, soccer, or tennis. The key to this part is action and high energy - let no grass grow under any guest's feet!

Party Invitations

  • Create pennant-shaped invitations using bright-colored cardstock. Remember the "when and where" details.
  • Invite partygoers to come dressed in their favorite team shirts.

Party Decorations

  • Drape a stadium-name banner on the door…use your family surname…”Johnson Stadium”.
  • Inside the house name all the stadium hot spots…a party-favor table works for a 'souvenir stand', the backyard becomes the 'dugout', your kitchen can be the 'snack bar.'
  • Hang streamers, pennants and sports posters in the party space.
  • Suspend a sports-themed piñata from a tree branch for outside fun.

Party Games & Activities

  • As guests arrive, assign them to a team. Give the teams fun names like Ball Blasters, Sideliners.
  • Get everyone outside for some old-fashioned sports: croquet, badminton, or bocce ball (like lawn bowling).
  • Organize a ball game, complete with trophies (have a few inexpensive ones engraved with the birthday kid's name and birthdate in the spot for the event on the trophies).
  • Stage a short "triathlon" race, with guests competing in three different events. Party favor prizes could include small games, like bouncy balls, pick-up sticks, jacks or Chinese jump ropes.
  • Supply inexpensive visors or baseball caps and an array of puffpaints and art supplies to decorate.

Party Favors

  • Party favors that score with sports fans include bouncy balls, pick-up sticks, jacks or Chinese jump ropes.

Food Fun

  • Have party goers decorate cupcakes for their favorite sport.
  • Supply bowls of white, orange and yellow frosting and purchased black, red and white decorator frosting tubes.