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Pandas Forever Birthday Party

What’s black, white and oh, so cute? Pandas, of course! Now you can plan a birthday party for your child whether they are budding naturalists or simply inspired by a certain movie character! The Panda Bear Cake is a must. After that, you’ve plenty of choices depending on the time of year and types of treats you want to serve, and activities your child likes.

Party Invitations

  • Make do-it-yourself invitations using cardstock and panda clipart. Or simply print out the important 'when and where' details and attach them inside a panda note card before it's mailed.
  • Encourage party guests to dress in black and white.

Party Decorations

  • We like keeping to the black, white and green all over color palette. But, you’ll want to let your child’s interest in giant pandas or favorite panda movie characters guide the colors and themes used for paper goods and balloons. You’ll find lots of choices online or at party stores.
  • Use the Panda Bear Cake for the table’s centerpiece as shown.
  • Panda posters are great for young naturalists and can be rolled up and sent home as favors when the party is over.

Party Games & Activities

  • Put together a puzzle featuring the giant panda or make up a trivia game about them.
  • Hand out panda masks—available at party stores or online—and use for creative fun and games.
  • Provide supplies, patterns and inspiration for a Make 'n Eat Picture, using a panda for the sailboat.
  • For a party with a cause, look for ideas at websites that support giant panda preservation efforts, such as Pandas International.
  • Watch a movie, whether educational or entertaining, featuring giant pandas in the wild or as an unlikely panda hero like Po in Kung Fu Panda.

Food Fun & Favors

  • Tuck some of our favorite black and white cookies into Asian takeout boxes and send home with partygoers as a take-home treat. Here’s a few to inspire you: Black-and-White Coconut Macaroons, Black & White Cookies and Roly-Poly PB-Chocolate Balls.
  • If you decide to make another kind of bear—like a brown bear or polar bear—and have another kind of party, do a search on the website for ‘teddy’ for more bear-inspired recipes.
  • Delight party guests with an Asian-inspired treat! Make Fruiti Sushi together or make-ahead and package in clear plastic clam shell boxes, like from the deli.