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Old MacDonald's Farm Birthday Party

Here’s an “udderly” fantastic birthday party for the littlest partygoers—babies and toddlers—with simple foods and activities geared just for them, but still tasty and fun enough for parents to enjoy, too! With a baa baa here and an oink oink there, the cupcakes and Barn Cake for Old MacDonald’s Farm Birthday Party are sure to bring smiles. EIEIO!
Old Macdonalds Farm Birthday Party

“Udderly” Fantastic Invitations

  • Photocopy simple barn graphics from a coloring book or storybook, and fill in the date, time and place of party. Or decorate plain cardstock invitations with die-cut farm animal images or stickers found with scrapbooking supplies.

“Udderly” Fantastic Decorations

  • Take color clues for this party from farm and farm animal-themed invitations and paper goods found online or at large party stores. The choices are endless.
  • Use stuffed farm animals to decorate the table. Let guests play with them.
  • Place decorated cake and cupcakes in center of table.
  • Make place mats using the same barn graphics as the invitations. Kids can color as they wait for the food to be served. Terry guest towels make perfect napkins or can be made into simple bibs.

“Udderly” Fantastic Games & Activities

  • Hand out decorated straw cowboy hats or farmer’s caps to kids before the activities begin. (Hats can be part of their take-home loot.) Purchase inexpensive ones at toy or party stores, and personalize with a permanent marker if you like.
  • Enlarge farm animal coloring book pages to give kids a coloring activity while other guests are arriving.
  • If it’s the time of year when hay bales are available, use them to set up a simple maze little kids will enjoy walking about in. Watch for the climbers!
  • Check out CDs of kids’ songs with farm and animal lyrics from the library. Pass out “music makers” and everyone can sing and dance to the songs.
  • Use plastic Easter eggs and hide them in the play area. Hand out little pails for gathering them. [Pails can be taken home with some simple kid-friendly treats like our Shake 'n Go Snack Mix.)

“Udderly” Fantastic Food Fun