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How to Mince Garlic

By Tom Thulen & Betsy Nelson
Created January 10, 2017
Betty bloggers Tom Thulen and Betsy Nelson show us how to mince fresh garlic.

Prepping garlic at home tastes so much fresher than purchasing it pre-peeled and pre-chopped. And it’s so easy! 

To get started, remove the garlic paper off each clove, but smashing it with the side of your chef’s knife, so that the clove is slightly crushed. The paper should pop right off!


Once the paper is removed, it’s time to chop. Slice garlic and then, using the circular motion technique with your guiding fingers on the top of the front part of the blade to stabilize it while you chop, pivoting the knife around to chop all the garlic.


Continue chopping until the garlic has reached the desired size mince, occasionally stopping to gather up the chopped garlic with the side of the knife blade to shape it into a pile for more efficient mincing.