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How to Chiffonade

By Tom Thulen & Betsy Nelson
Betty bloggers Tom Thulen and Betsy Nelson show us how to cut herbs into a delicate chiffonade.

Chiffonade sounds like a fancy word, but it simply means slicing greens and herbs into thin strips. This technique is great for fresh basil, spinach, leaf lettuce, kale and other greens. 

To get started, roll the leaves into a tight bundle which will make it easier to slice uniformly and efficiently.


Using your chef’s knife and the circular motion technique, make very thin slices while securing the bundle of greens with the other hand in the “claw” position, allowing the knuckles to be the guide for the knife.


Keep the fingers curled underneath the knuckles so they can function as pushers for the greens, moving the greens towards the knife.


Before you know it you will have a lovely pile of shredded greens ready for your recipe.