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Blush for Wine

By Meghan McAndrews
Idiot-proof your wine-buying with this handy app.

Ashamed as I am to admit it, some of the simplest things in life stress me out: multiplication, knowing when to water my houseplants, zipper-merging, shopping for wine. Fortunately, while I’ll never be a master of math or plants or driving, I have Blush for Wine to make intelligent wine-buying easy.

The experience and design of this app is clean and intuitive—two essential components for the apps I use on the daily. It opens with an Ask Blush survey, starting with the question “What’s the occasion?” 


After you make your selection (dining, gift, social or relax), you’re presented with a quick tap-and-go, four-question survey, covering the formality of the occasion, personal palate preferences, menu details and, of course, your budget. For gals like me, who like to enjoy a glass of wine (or two) with dinner but can’t retain the basics of wine-pairing, I find myself taking the “dining” survey most often.


Once the survey is complete, up come a handful of wine suggestions, filtered by what’s available in your exact location. Blush also boasts a scanning feature that allows you to scan a bottle’s barcode, pulling in loads of helpful information on the wine instantly, including a “Blush Match” score based on its fit with your taste profile. Blush also stores your recently scanned wines, so if you bought and loved a bottle that wound up in the recycling bin, you can pull up your scanning history and see what exactly it was. You can add personal notes on specific wines, or share your ratings and reviews with other Blush users or your social communities. The more ratings you add, the better Blush gets to know your tastes in wine, and uses that information to make even smarter suggestions. There’s even talk of a coupon section, coming soon!

Blush is available now for iOs here, and is completely free.