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Orange Soy Asian Chicken

By Paula Jones
Created January 10, 2017
Make a healthy chicken dinner for your family in 30 minutes flat.


Thirty-minute dinners are a staple in our house. We’re a very busy family of five and between homework, after-school activities and taxiing around the town we don’t have a lot of extra time. 

Not having a lot of time doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on dinner. This Orange Soy Asian Chicken dinner, complete with a side of white rice and veggies, can be on my table in 30 minutes flat. 

The keys to 30-minute meal success are multitasking and timing. I plan out my meal so I start cooking what is going to take me the longest first. In this meal’s case, that’s the rice. I put it in and let it do its thing. Then I get the chicken into the oven, start the sauce and head over to the cutting board to slice up some veggies for a quick sautés. Nothing fancy, I just throw whatever I have on hand in the fridge together. 

Before you know it 30 minutes have passed and we’re ready to dig in! 

P.S. You’ll really want to make rice to go with this the sauce is insanely delicious and goes great on top of rice or even those sautéed veggies.