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Sneaky Pizza Baked Potatoes

By Brooke Lark
Created January 10, 2017
Here’s a savvy idea for sneaking more veggies into dinners: add cauliflower to your twice-baked potatoes. Give it a try tonight!

Cauliflower is typically not a veggie that kids will eagerly eat. But they will scarf it down when paired with baked potatoes and delicious pizza toppings! Here’s how to turn tonight’s dinner into a healthy meal that everyone will love. 

Start by baking potatoes until tender. While your potatoes are baking, boil a half head of cauliflower in a large pot of water.


Scoop out the center of each potato, being careful not to tear through the skin. In a stand mixer, combine the potato pulp along with the cooked cauliflower, some pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni.


Mix all of these ingredients together until well combined.


Spoon the mixture back into each potato shell.


Top with more cheese and pepperoni, and then bake until golden brown.


Serve and enjoy, you sneaky veggie chef!