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Six Flavor-Packed and Super-Easy Chicken Recipes

By Inspired Taste
Created January 10, 2017
When busy weeknights hit, we don't always have the energy to make a complicated dinner, but we still want flavor. Here's six easy chicken dinners that are full of flavor.

From Thailand to South Carolina, we’ve got six flavorful, easy and fun ways to freshen up chicken. They’re all easy and all take less than 30 minutes. 

One of our go to dinners during the week is to bake chicken drumsticks. They’re inexpensive and bake up in less than 30 minutes. Here, we coat drumsticks with tangy mustard and fresh herbs. Serve these with a simple green salad or heat up some frozen veggies and enjoy.


When we’re really in a pinch for time (and energy), we heat up our panini press. The oven stays off, the kitchen stays clean and we end up with a fabulous dinner. Sliced rotisserie chicken is perfect to add to this panini with artichokes and cream cheese.


When we’re wanting something a little lighter, we turn to this easy chicken and potato salad. Use leftover chicken or store bought rotisserie chicken for this to make things really easy. Fresh parsley, cider vinegar and a little red onion really brighten everything up in this one.


Both kid- and adult-friendly, these baked crispy chicken tenders are a cinch. Panko breadcrumbs and chopped honey roasted peanuts coat chicken tenderloins for an easy weeknight dinner everyone will love.


A hug hit in our home is barbeque chicken pizza, so we decided to freshen it up a bit and use a Carolina style barbeque sauce, which is vinegar-based. It’s tangy, bright and works so well with red onion and mozzarella. An extra kick of flavor from blue cheese is added just before baking to really make things pop. This is definitely a new favorite in our home.

BEAUTY_Carolina BBQ Chicken Pizza

Instead of ordering in, we’ve figured out how to replicate one of our favorite Thai dishes at home then, we added our own spin. We simmer chicken in a coconut and green curry broth along with red onion and sweet corn. Spoon it over rice and you’ve got a delicately flavored, warming curry at home.


Chicken doesn’t have to be boring. Try one of these flavor-packed recipes soon!