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Dine From the Vine

Created January 10, 2017
From starters and salads to main dishes and drinks, we're putting fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes front and center—right where they belong. And savor your garden-fresh tomatoes in every season with the help of our canning party kit.

Tomato Starters

Jump start your appetite and delight your taste buds with quick and easy tomato appetizers. From cold soup to warm pizza and classic bruschetta to creative tomato, watermelon stacks, there are plenty of delicious ways to get the meal started.

Tomato Salads

Few dishes are more striking than simple heirloom tomato salads. The beautiful colors and mix of patterns steal the show every time. And that they’re such a breeze to prepare makes them all the more magnificent!

Main Course: Tomatoes

During peak tomato season, a tomato-focused main dish (or six) is an absolute must. We love fresh-from-the-vine tomatoes mixed into pasta, piled high as a relish and pressed between bread for outstanding panini sandwiches.

Tomatoes For Toasting

We go to great lengths to enjoy tomato season while it lasts, even going so far as to incorporate them into cocktails. But after one sip of these delightful beverages we have a feeling you won’t blame us!

Can't find outstanding fresh tomatoes in your neck of the woods? No problem! Under certified organic practices, Muir Glen tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness and packed within hours to guarantee fresh, succulent and delectable tomatoes every time.