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How to Decorate a Cake with Flag Bunting

By Heather Baird
Created January 10, 2017
This small touch has big impact! Learn how easy (really!) it is to decorate a homemade cake with a Fruit Roll-Up bunting.

This all-purpose party cake couldn’t be easier to decorate! From birthdays to graduations, this is the perfect trick to have up your sleeve. 

What you’ll need:

How to:

1.  Begin with a freshly frosted cake. It can be any color you like, but the fruit snacks show up best on a background of bright white frosting.


2.  Fruit By The Foot rolls will have different styles of perforation. Use one with the “zig-zag” or “zipper” perforation and one with line perforations for this project. Separate the fruit snacks at the perforation.


3.  Drape one of the zigzag strips across the top of the cake, in the style of a hanging banner, and snip the excess with kitchen scissors.


4.  Drape one of the line perforated strips across the cake, crossing the previous strip. Cut away the excess with kitchen scissors.


5.  Unroll the Fruit Roll-Up, remove it from the plastic backing and cut triangle shapes from it using the kitchen scissors.


6.  Place the triangles on the cake along the second fruit snack line. This creates the look of flag bunting.


7.  Gently press the pieces into the frosting to adhere.


8.  Sprinkle the top of the cake with rainbow sprinkles, if desired.


9.  And you’re done!  This cake would be welcome at most any celebration. You can even change up the colors with different flavors of fruit snacks.