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Fresh Summer Salad Ideas

Created January 12, 2017
Watch these salads disappear when you take them to summer barbecues and potlucks this summer.
Fresh Summer Salad Ideas

Pasta salads offer quick-to-make and make-ahead possibilities. No wonder we turn to them time and again. Plug them into summer meals where they’ll liven up plain grilled meats or make them a meal when tossed with grilled veggies! Some of our favorite fastest salad picks are here for you to add to your collection.

Antipasto Pasta Salad—Just add fresh plums or peaches, fresh green beans and savory focaccia or crusty French bread to make a meal using this flavorful main-dish salad. Fruit-flavored sorbet finishes off the meal.
Layered Mexican Party Salad—Accompany this crowd-size salad with grilled tacos or fajitas, fresh melon slices and lemonade or margaritas. Brownies would be a tasty treat for dessert. 

Layered Summer Pasta Salad—Dish up this crowd-pleasing salad when you make grilled chicken sandwiches. Add watermelon wedges and your favorite chips. Offer fresh strawberries with fruit dip and sugar cookies for a sweet treat. 

Ranch Spinach Pasta Salad—Enjoy this salad when you grill pork tenderloin. All you’ll need are breadsticks and iced tea, with brownie sundaes for dessert.

Sunny Broccoli Pasta Salad—Savor this salad when you grill hamburgers. Add cut-up fresh fruit and lemonade. Brownie s’mores would be the perfect end to this summery meal.