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How to Make a Healthier Meatloaf

Created January 12, 2017
Healthy Meatloaf Makeover

Many of us are trying to cut back on calories and eat healthy to keep off those extra pounds, but don’t want to give up foods we love.  I have the perfect solution.

How about a great tasting, lower calorie meat loaf that the whole family will enjoy? I recreated my mom’s meat loaf using ground turkey, chicken and even some zucchini. The picky pint-size eaters in your home won’t even know that they are eating their veggies too.

Chopping the veggies with a food processor makes this job so much easier. You can even use one of those inexpensive hand choppers to get the job done quickly. If you have never cooked with panko bread crumbs you need to give them a try. I often substitute Progresso® Panko Italian Style Crispy Bread Crumbs for traditional seasoned bread crumbs. I love the flavor they provide and the thicker texture is perfect for binding the meat loaf without making it dry. 

Panko Bread Crumbs

Sautéing the vegetables first gives the loaf a mild flavor and brings out the sweetness in the onions. You can certainly add the vegetables raw for a bolder flavor. If you do this you won’t need the olive oil.

vegetables sauteing

Chicken and turkey have a softer consistency than ground beef and will never feel as firm. If the mixture seems too wet and soft when forming the loaf, simply add a little extra breadcrumbs and it will be fine. You can then coat the loaf with the glaze before you pop it in the oven.

meat mixture
Formed Meatloaf

This recipe is perfect on a cold winter night or a family-style dinner party…just double the recipe to feed a crowd.

Healthy Meatloaf Makeover