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How to Make a Grown-up PB&J

By Deborah Harroun
Adults will love this quick and easy panini made special with strawberries and nuts.
grown up PBJ

As a food blogger and food lover, I’m afraid to admit this. But if I had to choose one food to eat every day of my life, it would be a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...simple, non-gourmet food. And as a mother of two, I make a lot of PB&Js. In fact, it’s pretty obvious that my daughter is my daughter because she requests one every day! 

One day after feeding my kids their lunch, I was thinking of ways that I could make my sandwich a little more “adult”. A few minutes later, this sandwich came out of my panini press. As I sat down to eat, I was a very happy girl. This is one PB&J sandwich any adult could get behind!

To make it, you’ll need your normal ingredients–bread, peanut butter and jelly. But then grab peanuts, strawberries and a little bit of butter.


Chop your peanuts roughly, and slice the strawberries. You can use chunky peanut butter if you don’t want to add the peanuts, but I love the extra texture and crunch the peanuts give.


Next, butter up one side of each piece of bread.


Turn the slices over. Spread peanut butter on one piece of bread and jelly on the other.


Top the peanut butter bread with strawberries and peanuts; cover with the jelly bread.


Put the sandwich in your panini press; cook until toasted and warmed through. Enjoy!