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The Ultimate Stuffed Peanut Butter Brookie

Created January 12, 2017
These brownies take indulgence to the next level. A Ritz cracker crust is topped with a brownie layer, a peanut butter cookie layer, and a layer of white chocolate-covered pretzels before being drizzled with chocolate. Need we say more?
Ultimate Stuffed Peanut Butter Brookies

These bars have everything you could possibly need in a dessert: a buttery cracker crust, gooey brownie batter, white chocolate-covered pretzels, peanut butter cookies and the drizzle of melty milk chocolate!

The sweet-salty and gooey-crunchy combo is just divine and it starts with a mix so this recipe is much simpler to make than it appears.

To make these, you’ll need a box of Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie brownie mix, Ritz™ crackers, white chocolate-covered pretzels, butter, and chocolate chips. The box mix calls for oil, butter, egg, and water. You’ll also need a little cream for melting with the chocolate. Easy stuff here!


First up, you’ll want to prepare the crust. Put the crackers in a blender and blend until they are fine crumbs. Pour in the melted butter, stir, and then press into an 8x8 baking dish.


Prepare the brownie batter as directed on the box. You’ll just stir it together with the oil, water, and an egg.


Prepare the cookie dough as directed. It should mix together easily!


Pour the brownie batter over your crust.


Place some white chocolate-covered pretzels over the brownie batter. This is going to add a fun crunch to the brownies.


Next, you’ll drop spoonfuls of cookie dough right over the pretzels.


Bake those up for 39 minutes, as directed on the package. When the brownies are cool, cut them into 9 squares and get ready to drizzle!

Add chocolate chips and heavy cream to a microwave-safe bowl and microwave them for two 30-second intervals, stirring in-between. The mixture should be thick, gooey and perfect for drizzling over the brownies.