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How to Host a Cake Walk

Created January 12, 2017
Let cakes ‘take the cake’ for a fun way to engage all ages at a block party or an organization’s fundraiser.

How to Host Cake Walk

Here's how to do it:

Several days or weeks before the event, notify all participants of the cake walk, and ask them to donate a cake. One cake per family is usually enough, but more cake means more winners and more fun!

On the day of the event, tape numbers in a large circle on the street at a block party or on an indoor floor. The size of the group will determine how many numbers to use, but around 20 is usually a good size for a medium-sized group.

Duplicate these numbers on smaller sheets of paper, and put them in a bag or bowl.

Make sure to prominently display the cakes, so that everyone can pick their favorite.

If you are fundraising, you can sell tickets to each turn of the cake walk. If selling tickets, gather the number of tickets from participants that match the amount of numbers taped to the ground or floor.

You’re ready to begin!

Have the cake walkers stand in a circle, and start festive music using a portable music player or radio. Walkers can either move or dance in a circular fashion. After a couple of minutes, shut off the music, and each participant must claim the number closest to their spot.

The cake walk leader then chooses a number from the bowl, and the person standing on that number wins! They can then choose their favorite cake of all the donated cakes.

Play until all cakes are claimed.

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