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July 4th Firework Push-Up Cakes

By Mandy Heaston
These quick and festive push-up cupcakes are ready to blast off at your next party!

Every year, I love to make red, white and blue foods for Memorial Day and 4th of July. This year, I wanted something new and different. You should have seen the faces of my friends and family when I pulled out these Firework Push-Up Cakes. I’ve never seen kids eat their vegetables so quickly to get to dessert! 

Cupcakes have been quite the rage for the last few years, and now Push-Up Cakes are taking the cupcake world by storm. These are a huge hit with any crowd and are deceptively easy to make.

The only trick is to find the containers. I live in a small town with no cake supply store. But I did an internet search for “plastic push pop containers” and found several supply companies with cheap shipping. My husband also made me an inexpensive stand since we make these all the time now! Simply buy a 3 x 3 post from your hardware store, drill some holes halfway through on one side, and spray paint if desired…instant push-up cake stand! 

To make your cakes, mix up a box of Betty Crocker white cake mix according to package directions. Divide the batter in half, and tint one half blue and one half red. Bake in mini muffin pans; let cool. Place one mini cupcake in each push-up container.

Firework Push-up Cakes

Add a dollop of Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy white frosting.

Firework Push-up Cakes

Repeat with a second cupcake in an alternating color and another dollop of frosting.

Firework Push-up Cakes

To top it off with an extra bang, sprinkle each with popping rock candy. The candy will pop and fizz as you eat it…fireworks for your mouth!

Firework Push-up Cakes