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Easy Whiskey Cake

By Bree Hester
Created January 10, 2017
With just enough kick to keep the holidays interesting, Easy Whiskey Cake is a family tradition. I bet it will become one of yours, too!

There are certain foods during the holidays that simply must make an appearance or the celebration just wouldn’t be the same. For me, Easy Whiskey Cake is one of those recipes.

Whiskey Cake

It is a family favorite that I have been eating for as long as I can remember. The aroma of it baking takes me back to my childhood. I remember my grandmother making this dessert at Christmastime and her kitchen being full of foil loaf pans. It amazes me how many of my childhood memories revolve around being in the kitchen. 

This cake is so moist and flavorful. And with almost 2 cups of whiskey, it also packs a punch! The frosting seeps into the cakes while they are warm, and the whiskey-soaked walnuts cover the top, making for one of the best desserts I have ever eaten.

Whiskey Cake

Because the recipe yields 9 small loaves or 3 to 4 large loaves, Easy Whiskey Cake makes great holiday gifts. (And only requires about an hour of your time.) Wrap the loaves in pretty cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon…and you have beautiful, tasty gifts from the kitchen.

Whiskey Cake