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Cherry Almond Skillet Cake

By Bree Hester
One of my absolute favorite recipes, this Cherry Almond Skillet Cake is perfect any time of day, for any occasion.


There are certain recipes that come into your life that become instant heirlooms. This recipe is one of those. It was passed to me, and today I will pass it along to you. It literally takes minutes from gathering ingredients (many of which you probably always have on hand) to going into the oven. I’ve made various versions of this cake with raspberry, peach, apple, blueberry and plum being my favorites. When you change the fruit and it is a new recipe every time! I promise you’ll love how the smell of lemon and almonds permeate your kitchen while it bakes. There’s really no better smell to me.


Another reason why I love this recipe so much is that I make it whenever I have friends over for coffee or a play date. I associate it with being with my friends and family, relaxing, and catching up. It is comforting and homey; the kind of recipe I love baking most. When baked in a skillet, it gives the cake a nice crust, and also makes for a lovely and unfussy presentation. Just slice it up and serve, preferably with a nice hot cup of coffee.