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8 Christmas Cookie Tools

Created January 10, 2017
Our must-have baking gadgets and cookbooks for holiday baking.
cookie tools

Betty Crocker's Cooky Book

The essential guide for baking cookies of any kind, this book is packed with hundreds of all-time favorite cookie recipes. From the most basic drop, bar and rolled cookies to more elaborate confections for holidays and entertaining, the Cooky Book is your ultimate cookie resource.

Cookie Press

Freshly baked homemade cookies are a holiday tradition, and this stainless steel cookie press makes them festive and fast. This new version of Kuhn Rikon’s popular cookie press also includes a built-in storage container, making it a great holiday gift for baker friends and family.

Mini Muffin Pan

Every kitchen needs a great mini muffin pan, and this one from Calphalon features interlocking nonstick layers that release up to two times better than the brand’s classic bake ware line. Even better? This one comes with a lifetime warranty.

Baking Sheets

Want to make sure your cookies bake evenly and brown properly every time? The best cookie sheets for the job are either shiny and smooth-surfaced or textured and aluminum. Because of the way these sheets reflect heat, you’re sure to bake the perfectly balanced batch. This sheet also comes with an attached cooling tray—saving you time and money by baking and cooling your cookies in one place!

Cookie Scoops

A spring-handled cookie or ice-cream scoop makes quick work of forming cookie dough into equal-sized portions. Plus, these scoops come in various sizes referred to by number—the larger the number, the smaller the scoop—so you can make any-sized creations for every occasion.

Silicone Bar Pan

Give your holiday bars uniform shape for perfect gifting! This no-fuss silicone pan has a steel frame which prevents the pan from bending when it goes in and out of the hot oven. Plus, the silicone body allows you to pop out your homemade bars with ease.

Cookie Decorating Set

Unleash your cookie creativity with this 16-piece Kuhn Rikon set, perfect for producing dozens of unique effects such as lettering, leaves and stars! The set comes beautifully packaged with plenty of photos and ideas for endless inspiration, making it a great gift to give or simply keep on hand for your family’s next baking day.

Dessert Carrier

You don’t want to spend hours baking your holiday masterpiece only to have it crumble in the car on the way to the party! This three-tray Mrs. Field’s carrier features adjustable sliding trays, a removable handle, four small feet for upright storage and most importantly, a lid—allowing you to carry precious baked goods with confidence.