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How to Start a Kitchen Garden

Created March 9, 2021
There’s nothing better than cooking — and enjoying — fresh herbs, veggies and fruit, especially when they're homegrown from a kitchen garden.

You may be wondering, what exactly is a kitchen garden? This is a small space dedicated to growing fresh fruits, veggies and herbs that you can use while cooking. Typically, this is an area of land that receives indirect sunlight and good drainage. Remember that direct sunlight is often too hot for a garden and too much shade will stunt your harvest’s growth.

If you don’t have a dedicated area of land, get creative! Try a balcony, fire escape or even a window sill.

Next, think through the materials you’ll need to ensure the success of your kitchen garden. Maybe it’s raised beds, garden barrels or even repurposing pots you already have.

When you start the planting process, make sure to use quality soil. This ensures that your kitchen garden plants are getting the nutrients they need to mature and grow.

To prevent overcrowding, you’ll also want to spread out your seeds. Since every plant is different and requires varying space and depth to grow, make sure to check and follow the packing of your selected plants.

Aim to tend to your garden 3 - 4 times a week to water, make sure your plants are bug-free and pick any veggies that are ripe before critters get to them. Now, it's time to enjoy your kitchen garden!