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Betty Crocker’s Right Size Recipes—Delicious Meals for One or Two

Created November 6, 2019

It’s finally here: A cookbook that celebrates those who set the table for one or two! Isn’t it about time you were able to enjoy cooking at home without having to calculate, divide and portion things out for endless leftovers? Betty Crocker’s Right Size Recipes—Delicious Meals for One or Two is full of recipes that are right-sized for smaller households. Gone are the days when you had to make big family recipes and eat them every day for a week. The Betty Crocker Kitchens have done the math for you, and each of these scrumptious recipes is specifically sized to make just a few servings, so you’ll never get bored eating the same thing!

Curry Pizza

The recipes in this book were developed for the way we eat today. If you’ve gotten used to going to out to eat, count on these recipes for flavors as good as anything you’d find in a restaurant. They run the gamut from comforting favorites like Meatball Stroganoff to on-trend plant-based recipes like Cheesy Cauliflower Crusted Rosemary and Tomato Pizza. You’ll find much more than main dishes in the book, too. It can be tough to find recipes for sides, appetizers, desserts and other dishes sized for one- and two-person households, so we’ve included recipes for all eating occasions, from breakfast to late-night snacking. Share them with someone else or keep them all for yourself—it’s up to you!

Pimiento Cheese Stuffed Peppers

Using common pans that are probably already in your kitchen, as well as an array of smaller-sized options that recently have become available, our developers created these recipes with practicality in mind. Speed and ease were important criteria, too, and you’ll be surprised just how fast you can whip these recipes up when you’re only making a few servings. You’ll find clear, easy-to-follow instructions with each recipe so, whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, it’ll be easy to pull off perfectly. We’ve flagged recipes that are made with 5 ingredients or less and quick prep (taking 20 minutes or less to put together), so no matter what your day looks like, you can find recipes to fit your schedule.

This book is more than just recipes: It’s also a hard-working resource. It addresses the issues that small households often struggle with: how to purchase ingredients so they don’t get wasted, how to use up what’s on hand, how to entertain or make special meals that feeds only two, and even how to make a Thanksgiving dinner for just a few. Look for Use It Up tips alongside the recipes for ways to use up an ingredient you’ve purchased, cutting back on waste and maximizing your grocery dollars. And the Swap It tips give you creative guidance so you change up the recipes to make them your own.

Look for Betty Crocker’s Right-Size Recipes—Delicious Meals for One or Two on sale now in your favorite bookstore or discount retailer, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound.

Cathy Swanson Wheaton, Executive Cookbook Editor